Choosing a Fulfillment Partner For Your Info Products Business

The track record of any company you’re considering working with should be one of the major criteria in your decision making process. There are hundreds of companies capable of manufacturing your information products and it can be a real challenge to sort through all your options and make the best choice.

Any company you’re considering will probably have some testimonials on their website from satisfied customers. You should definitely listen to or read these testimonials but, more importantly, you should talk with some of their clients directly. What has their experience with the vendor been like? What’s gone well? What may not have gone so well and what did the vendor do to make it right?

Does the vendor have experience working with companies such as yours? Some fulfillment companies ship every type of product under the sun and others focus specifically on a particular type of product, such as information products.

Does the fulfillment company understand the information marketing business or do they just make and ship your stuff? One that understands information marketing may be able to offer additional services and resources to help you grow your business.

Finally, you should find out the names of some of their former clients and talk to them. Why did they leave? Any business that’s been in business for a few years or more will have clients that departed. Maybe it just wasn’t a good “fit”. Or maybe they left because the fulfillment company failed to perform some important function properly. Once you’ve gathered that information, go back to your potential fulfillment partner and find out what’s been done to improve those processes or procedures that created the previous problem.

Choosing a fulfillment partner is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your information marketing business. Be sure to do your due diligence to make the best possible informed choice for you.
The questions you should ask:

• Can you provide names, phone numbers and email addresses of 3-5 clients you currently work with?

• Can you provide names, phone numbers and email addresses of 3-5 clients you previously worked with who have left and why they left?

• What changes have you made to address the reason any of those clients left?

• How long have you been in business?

• How many orders can you handle per day?