Ebooks – Tell Your Boss to Shove it Using Your Brand New Information Product Business

If you want to create an eBook business, now is better than ever. The economy is in serious trouble, people are out of work, and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of relief in site. Find out how you can turn that useful knowledge in your mind into a profit-grabbing information product. Read on to find out more.

Maybe you are worried about your job security. Maybe your hours have been cut back at work, or you just can’t seem to make ends meet. Maybe you just want a few extra bucks in ‘play money” every month. Whatever your goal is, you can get there by selling information. The world of ebooks is almost unlimited. There are some markets that are more saturated than others, but the idea is that you will take you personal knowledge, create a product and make some extra cash by helping out a nice market of customers with a problem.

One product will not make you rich, but you can build a small army of ebooks (or information products) and when you add them altogether, you can easily surpass your current full-time income. The best of all is that ebooks sell themselves 24/7/365 all over the world, once you have them set up properly. Of course you will have ongoing maintenance, occasional customer service, and various traffic generation techniques that you will have to keep up with, but most of the heavy lifting is only done once.

You won’t have to keep a store filled with products. You won’t have to worry about fulfillment houses and making sure orders are processed correctly. All you have to do is drive traffic to your sales page and customers do the rest.

You will quickly find out which of your products are hot sellers, and you can keep using the hot selling them and create additional products that will make you even more money. Let your losers disappear. Not all of your ideas will work. Your market will vote with their wallets, so it’s important not to take it personally, but to keep creating more products. As you develop a certain style in your ebook, you will gain a following of customers that just can’t get enough. All you have to do is keep providing them with solutions to their problems, and they will keep coming back for more. There is no better business than the eBook business.

How To Identify Legitimate Online Promotional Products Businesses

Searching the web for legitimate shopping sites can be a daunting experience. There are literally millions of websites trying to sell you stuff. Furthermore, the keywords you use to search the various engines are vital to your browsing success. The right word choice will automatically narrow the results to be more specific to what you are looking for. This will save you much clicking time on sites that don’t offer what you need.

Keywords should be short, concise and as specific as possible. If you know exactly what you are looking for you not only need to use that word, but also provide other parameters to the search engine. For example, using the industry I work in which is promotional advertising, if you are searching the web for tote bags for an upcoming trade show you cannot simply plug in “tote bags”. Tote bags are not only sold in bulk or wholesale, but also sold individually by retailers of all kinds. Tote bags purchased for retail purposes can be bought individually and are not meant to be purchased by the same consumer en mass. Conversely, if you are buying tote bags as a give-away at a trade show or event, you most definitely want your company logo or brand imprinted on that item!

When I Google the keywords “tote bags” I get not only hits for ecommerce distributors selling imprinted bags in bulk, but also get hits on the same page from popular online retailers like Coach, LL Bean, and Amazon.com. Add a few more descriptives like “imprinted” “custom” and “trade show”, and now I have pages of websites to search from that will print my company logo on 5000 tote bags for my upcoming trade show in Vegas.

Once you have found a good selection of web stores to shop on you will find that most promotional product sites will sell you essentially the same items. Your next challenge is to narrow down the sites you will focus on. This is important as it will save you time and help you be more organized with all the information you want to gather.

Here are some tips on choosing which web sites to concentrate on:
1. Sites that you feel comfortable with because aesthetically they appear professional and well organized;
2. Sites that are user-friendly;
3. Sites that allow you to search using multiple criteria such as category, brand and price range;
4. Sites that tell you a little something about the company or owner;
5. Sites that make their contact information readily available;
6. Sites that display some sort of official security seal that tells you their website is secure and safe to use.

Now that you have narrowed your search down even further, here are some tips on how to discern which web businesses will most likely deliver once you have placed an order:

1. Did you contact the business by phone or email and get a response in an acceptable time frame?
2. How was the customer service you received? Did the respondent answer your questions or concerns satisfactorily? Did he or she go out of their way to address everything you are confused or concerned about?
3. If you asked for a sample was one sent to you?
4. Once the order was placed did you receive some sort of acknowledgement in a timely fashion?
5. Did the products for sale have good product descriptions and layout other important information like imprinting information, production time and pricing?

With the exception of few items such as “memory items” (i.e. media players and USB flash drives) the browser should be able to see the item price at the very moment you are online shopping. If no pricing is available and you contact the company for this information, make sure you note the name of the person you spoke to, the date and time the communication took place, and confirm whether the pricing provided has an expiration date.

The promotional products industry is as competitive as any other so you may often find sales or claims for lowest pricing or meet and beat pricing. Many times this is NOT a gimmick! A smart online shopper will identify an item he or she is interested in and find that exact item on a few competing sites. It is definitely O.K. to contact each company and let them know that you have found their item on another site for less money. Give the competitors a chance to win your business! However, you must be honest and you must tell them exactly where you found the better price so they can verify the information. As a courtesy you only want to take up somebody’s time if you are serious about purchasing that item. And don’t forget… most companies offer incentives for re-orders and repeat customers such as discounted set-up charges or willingness to honor a previous price from a past order or cut you a good deal to retain your business.

Even though the World Wide Web feels like a huge black hole of anonymity, we are all out there using this amazing vehicle to buy and sell stuff and to promote and grow our businesses. I hope the tips I have shared here will help make your online shopping experience more effective and enjoyable!

How to Create an Information Products Business – Review of Lee McIntyre’s Instant Internet Lifestyle

Have you ever considered making money from your own advice? Do you like to help people out with recommendations and ideas on how to do something better? What if you could find a way to publish your ideas on how to do something better and make money as well? Well I came across an internet marketer Lee McIntyre who introduced me to Information Product Marketing and the training he calls the “Instant Internet Lifestyle” that teaches you how to market your ideas.

Lee McIntyre is providing us with the audio video of 10 hours of video training from a 2 day workshop held in the UK that cost the attendees $997 to attend. The people who paid that amount left raving with the content they received, where you can get the entire two-day workshop for $19.95, where in my opinion is a ridiculously low amount for what you get! You get an 8 step profit plan split over 31 days. I’ll be honest, not everyone can do this; but if you have ideas and recommendations for an Information Product that others might pay you for, this training could be the ticket to get you started.

After your payment of only $19.95 you will be given instant access to Lee McIntyre’s Instant Internet Lifestyle course including techniques on: – how to determine what niche you would market, – how to create products, – how to get traffic to your website, – how to setup an affiliate program so others would promote your products for you, – how to automate your business, – how to build a list of people desiring your products and – how to create video sales pages.

This course is built for primarily those of you who want to create your own information product and market it. Lee will show you how to do it all. Now what’s the catch for providing so much for so little – well Lee will work to sell you other products once you are in, but that’s ok, where either now or later you will likely want more of what Lee has to offer, where I must admit I did. All of his products are backed with a 60 day money back guarantee that if for any reason you are not satisfied, you can ask Lee’s help desk for a refund. But I don’t think that will happen. In my opinion Lee is an honest marketer, who delivers more than any other marketer I have worked with.

He was once a UK school teacher, who enjoys people, has a real sense of humor and knows how to teach people how to do something. Your risk is to do this is so little to get started, only $19.95.

If you are brand new or been in the business for a long time, either way I suggest you get this training. I don’t think you will be disappointed. This could be the very thing you have been looking for, a way to create a sustainable and profitable business from the techniques Lee McIntyre teaches.

Communication Technology – Productive, Busy Or Distracted

Welcome to the world of communication technology and scatter brains. Some call it multitasking. It’s so easy to love the word multitasking as it sounds like you are getting so much accomplished. But, are you productive, just busy, or down-right distracted? Think of these two actions and which one you choose to perform as a priority in the morning: first cup of coffee or checking your email/blackberry. If it was the coffee, what’s the time lapse between the two activities? Facebook is enhancing the craze of constantly checking your messages.

Multitasking has disadvantages. Working harder and longer doesn’t produce more. It results in low productivity and sloppy work. The New York Times has an article highlighting some research to state that “multitasking is going to slow you down, increasing the chances of making mistakes” as indicated by David E. Meyer, a cognitive scientist and director of the Brain, Cognition and Action Laboratory at the University of Michigan. Researchers found that doing two things at once slows your response time down at least one second. When driving and communicating through our technology device, that one second can mean the difference between life and death.

To evaluate your level of productivity, consider the following questions as a self evaluation. Do you read all text and email messages as they arrive? When you complete a task, do you feel a sense of accomplishment? Are you able to sit for at least ten minutes at a time to quiet your mind – no sound, no reading, and no thoughts – just completely check out? Do you perform three tasks on your way to accomplish your main objective? Are your repetitive tasks performed to keep yourself busy or in order to accomplish them? Do you worry about what’s going to happen? Do you feel tired? Do you view your peers as less productive?

This is just a small sample of a larger analysis tool created to assist individuals and businesses with evaluating and improving their productivity ratio. Productivity is complete with a sense of purpose and the ability to celebrate accomplishments. It’ a beautiful, realistic view associated with a few objectives and tasks each day (not twenty four!) as to enjoy your life outside of the to-do list. This CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED in the work environment too. When you return to your office and your computer following a series of meetings, how does your body and mind feel as you sit and look at your messages and calendar? Tension and a feeling of being overwhelmed can tell you something. Additionally, as you’re working on a project and you see your instant messenger popping up with email notifications, think about (1) how often you just let them accumulate and visit/read them at a later time and (2) how often your body and mind stay centered on your task at hand and not on the subject you just saw pop up. There are procedures to keep your time and energy managed and focused, with the least amount of stress and anxiety.