Productive Business Time Management – Avoid These 3 “Time Bandits”

Business time management is a skill that every business owner must learn if they are going to survive. I call activities that my clients perform, which yield no productive results, time “bandits.” Unfortunately, MANY of these time “bandits” exist, however we are going to focus on just 3 of the most counter productive.

1) Allowing Too Many Distractions

This time “bandit” is #1 on the most unwanted list! The sad thing is that some business owners feel helpless against distractions.

The key is to MINIMIZE and avoid distractions. Distractions are virtually impossible to totally eliminate.

If your distractions are non business related calls, let friends and family members know the times when you will be taking calls.

Typically, continually reading email is a major distraction. ONLY read and respond to email during scheduled times, and KEEP to it!

One key is to write down daily priorities, and refer to them each hour.

2) Non Productive Meetings

Meetings are all too often, very lengthy and fail to accomplish an objective. Be certain that a meeting has a facilitator, and that they are aware of the purpose and the amount of time set aside for the meeting.

The meeting should have a written agenda, with the time allowed for each topic. Most importantly, DON’T have a meeting for the sake of having a meeting.

Being specific about the purpose of the meeting is critical to effective business time management.

3) Avoid Information Overload

This time “bandit” is very common to new business owners, and particularly new Internet business owners.

In an effort to determine the best possible ways to market and manage their business, owners seek out information from too many sources.

Often time, the information is incomplete, or contradictory. This leaves the business owner in an ongoing state of being “pulled” in all directions.

The key is to ONLY gather information that is appropriate to a specific topic or activity. DON’t “jump” around trying to find information on random topics and unrelated activities.

In the end, effective business time management is all about being consciously aware of the activities that are crucial to the success of your business, and spending the majority of your time on those activities.