Video Production Business Tips – How to Generate Qualified Sales Leads

In my years as a video business entrepreneur, the months of November and December have always been slow. Clients are preparing for vacation and the last thing on their mind is executing a video production agreement. So, instead of worrying about why we aren’t busy, I channel that energy into marketing my company. Here’s a few ideas on what you can do to boost revenues during the slow part of the year.

1. Attend business networking events so you can meet other business professionals in your area.

Check with your local chamber of commerce, ad federation and PRSA to see what’s available. Do your best to meet a lot of people and hand out plenty of business cards. You can follow up with those you meet with a personal letter, a copy of your demo reel and a meeting request.

2. Offer to videotape a high-profile non-profit fundraising events in exchange for sponsorship exposure.

Get a banner printed that you can hang in the room and a few small signs to put on your tripod that have your logo, phone number and website address. Then, put a copy of your demo and a business card at every seat in the room prior to the event. You can also ask the event organizers to publicly thank you at the beginning and end of the event so that everyone hears your company name.

After the event, collect all the cards and demos that didn’t get picked up so you can use them the next time. Make sure that the edited video includes a commercial about you at the beginning/end and make sure your logo/phone number/website is prominently displayed on the disc face. Take it a step further and post the video on your website and ask the non-profit to link to it via their newsletter and website.

3. Call website design firms and commercial printers in your area and invite them to lunch or coffee

The purpose of these meetings are to find great vendors that you can recommend to your clients as well as to introduce them to a great video production company that they can recommend. Website designers get plenty of requests for video on their clients’ websites and printers often get requests for CD/DVD duplication services. Getting to know these professionals in your area will expand your network and will result in new leads relatively soon.